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Hydraulic expansion toolholder
The TENDO Zero hydraulic expansion toolholder is the pro for tight tolerances when reaming, fine-drilling and finish boring – or wherever perfect run-out accuracy is essential. This enables even minimal run-out errors with tools, mountings, and the machine spindles to be individually compensated.

Advantages – Your benefits

  • Adjustable run-out accuracy of 0 μm possible
    Run-out errors of toolholders and tools can be compensated by using four lateral set-screws
  • Low maintenance
    The completely closed system ensures a long service life
  • Dirt grooves for reliable torque transmission
    The enormous clamping pressure of the TENDO Zero hydraulic expansion toolholder creates a displacement of oil, grease, or lubricant residues into the groove, whereby the clamping surfaces stay dry.
  • Fine-balanced by default
    Suitable for high speeds and HSC machining with a balancing grade of G2.5 at 25,000 RPM
  • Micron-precise tool change within seconds without peripheral equipment
    Time saving through reduction of set-up time and no investment and energy costs due to additional clamping devices
  • Excellent vibration damping
    Micro-blowouts are prevented, optimal workpiece surfaces, machine spindle protection, increased tool service life resulting in a reduction of costs
  • Exact length preadjustment
    Length adjustment in the range of 0.01 mm accuracy, with adjustment travel of 10 mm
  • Comprehensive compatibility
    Can be ideally combined with TENDO SVL and TRIBOS SVL extensions
  • All commercially available tool shank types can be clamped
    Form A: with smooth cylindrical shank, shank form A in accordance with DIN 1835 and DIN 6535 HA Form AB: with flat face and cylindrical shank with pulling face, shank form B in accordance with DIN 1835 and DIN 6535 HB Form B: with lateral pulling faces, shank form B in accordance with DIN 1835 Form E: with inclined clamping face, shank form E in accordance with DIN 1835 and DIN 6535 HE