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LP 410

LP 410

Clamping force block accessories
High-performance grease as standard for regularly lubricating SCHUNK TANDEM clamping force blocks.

Advantages – Your benefits

  • Low coefficient of friction
    Enables constant clamping forces
  • High adhesion and water resistance
    Prevents fast washout from the clamping device, also under speed
  • Good corrosion protection and extreme reduction of fretting corrosion
    Ensures a long service life of the clamping device
  • Very high pressure resistance
    For transmission of maximum clamping forces

Options and special information

  • LINOMAX 410 is a homogeneous, gray/black grease, which is a combination of selected base oils and lubricants with a high proportion of molybdenum disulfide. Due to the optimum composition of synergetic effective lubricants, high lubricity, excellent pressure resistance, an extremely large temperature range, and dry-lubricating properties are achieved.
  • The basis for the high performance of LP 410 is the lubricants' characteristic of plating themselves into the surface when pressurized (parallel to the sliding direction). Thus an extremely effective lubricating and separating layer between the friction partners develops, which is even maintained under extreme payloads.