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Magnetic chucks with square pole technology
Magnetic chucks with extremely high holding forces for milling applications as an ideal clamping solution for powerful cutting processes with simultaneous five-sided workpiece machining in a single set-up.

Advantages – Your benefits

  • 5-sided workpiece machining in one set-up
    Higher accuracy by setting up once and at best accessibility of the machine spindle
  • Even permanent magnetic clamping force over the entire workpiece
    Low deformation and vibration clamping of the workpieces
  • Low vibration clamping
    Improved surface finishes and significantly increased precision
  • Deformation-free clamping
    No deformation and inner forces in workpiece due to clamping force
  • Patented status display
    Secure clamping and maximum process reliability
  • Control unit compatible with machine control system
    Can also be used in automated applications
  • Mono-block design
    Compact and robust design with high rigidity
  • The modular principle
    Depending on the application or type of machine, the magnetic chucks can be combined or extended in accordance with the modular design principle
  • Clamping within a few seconds
    Shortest possible set-up times and a resulting increase in productivity
  • State-of-the-art electro-permanent technology for one-time energy supply for MAG/DEMAG process
    Energy-efficient and reliable clamping of the workpieces
  • Large selection of accessories
    Optimal adaptation possibilities in the respective clamping task

Options and special information

  • Three square pole sizes for highly individual workpiece clamping
    The magnetic chucks are each available in three different square pole dimensions. This offers the possibility of individually adjusting the magnetic chuck to its specific clamping task within a larger range of clamping tasks. The decisive factors are the thickness, weight, surface, geometry, and dimensions of the workpiece being machined.
  • Magnetic chuck type MFRS-A1
    MFRS-A1 magnetic chucks with a high compact performance of acting magnetic force are generally sufficient for 80% of all applications.
  • Magnetic chuck type MFRS-A2
    MFRS-A2 magnetic chucks have an even higher density of magnetic field penetrating into the workpiece. These are used primarily for workpieces with very uneven surfaces (die-cast and forged parts) and thus a larger air gap, as more magnetic field lines stay in contact with the workpiece.