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Universal swivel unit
Universally usable unit for pneumatic swivel and turning movements

Advantages – Your benefits

  • Finely graded series with a steady increase in torque
    for multiple cases of application, the correct size as a standard product is available
  • Large center bore
    for feed-through of cables and hoses with the same unit height
  • Pre-adjusted shock absorber stroke
    for fast and easy commissioning
  • Swivel angle can be selected as either 90° or 180°
    complete flexibility in selecting the angle of rotation, application-specific angles possible on request
  • Selectable end position adjustability either small or large
    for flexible adjustability of the swivel angle
  • Optionally attachable fluid feed-through and electrical feed-through
    for permanently safe feed-through of gases, vacuum, and electrical sensor and actuator signals
  • Modular attachment to various options
    for individual adjustment to various cases of application
  • Choice of electronic magnetic sensors or inductive proximity sensors
    for absolute variability of position monitoring

Options and special information

  • Shock absorber variants
    The basic version of the swivel unit SRM is equipped with hydraulic shock absorbers. Additional shock absorber variants are available: elastomer damping (E), external damping (X) and speed damping (S).
  • End position adjustability
    The SRM is available in the two swivel angles 90° and 180° and the end positions can be fine adjusted. In this case, a fine adjustment of the end positions of ±3° is possible. For all deviating swivel angles, a large end position adjustability is optionally available. Thus, any angle of rotation between -3° and +183° can be realized.
  • Variant with media feed-through MDF
    The optional media feed-through ensures process-reliable feeding through of compressed air, gases, or vacuum with four fluid channels.
  • Variant with electric rotary feed-through EDF
    The optional electric rotary feed-through ensures process-reliable feed-through of electrical signals.
  • Variant with inductive monitoring
    An additional attachment is required to monitor the SRM with inductive proximity switches. Here you can choose between fixed (SF) and adjustable (SI) switching position.
  • Please note that suitable emergency stop scenarios (e.g. controlled shut down) and restarting scenarios (e.g. pressure build-up valves, appropriate valve switching sequences) are needed for all pneumatic actuators.
  • Variant with pneumatic center position
    The SRM swivel unit can optionally be ordered with pneumatic center position. This makes it possible, to control a third position in addition to the two end positions.