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EGU 60-EI-N-B Illustration similar


Universal gripper

ID 1491561

Universal gripper EGU, Size: 60, electrical, Communication interface: EtherNet/IP

  • Stroke per jaw: 60 mm
  • Min. gripping force: 325 N
  • Max. gripping force: 650 N
  • Power supply: 24 V
  • Magnetic circuit: 0.78 A
  • Max. ambient temperature: 55 °C
Stroke per jaw [mm] 60
Min. gripping force [N] 325
Max. gripping force [N] 650
Max. permissible finger length [mm] 125
Max. permissible weight per finger [kg] 0.8
Positioning accuracy [mm] ± 0.2
Repeat accuracy (gripping) [mm] 0.03
Repeat accuracy (positioning, unidirectional) [mm] 0.05
Repeat accuracy (positioning, bi-directional) [mm] 0.3
Closing time [s] 1
Opening time [s] 1
Max. speed (positioning) [mm/s] 110
Max. acceleration [mm/s²] 650
Weight [kg] 2.77
Min. ambient temperature [°C] 5
Max. ambient temperature [°C] 55
IP protection class, electronics 67
IP protection class guide/base jaws 40
Length X [mm] 154
Width Y [mm] 92
Height Z [mm] 108
Nominal voltage [V] 24
Communication interface EtherNet/IP
BasicGrip nominal current consumption [A] 0.78
BasicGrip max. current consumption [A] 1.2
Logic nominal current consumption [A] 0.16
Logic max. current consumption [A] 0.2
Moment Mx max. 48
Moment My max. 75
Moment Mz max. 55
Max. axial force Fz max. 1200

General notes about the series

Gripping force
is the arithmetic sum of the individual force applied to each jaw at distance P (see illustration).

Repeat accuracy (gripping)
defined as the spread of the actual position during 100 consecutive closing or opening movements on a rigid workpiece or a fixed workpiece stop under constant conditions.

Repeat accuracy (positioning, unidirectional)
defined as the spread of the actual position per base jaw during 100 consecutive movements to a target position from the same direction under constant conditions.

Repeat accuracy (positioning, bi-directional)
defined as the distribution of the actual position per base jaw during 100 consecutive movements to a target position from both directions under constant conditions.

Finger length
is measured from the reference surface as the distance P in direction to the main axis.

Positioning accuracy
is defined as the deviation of the actual position per jaw during 100 consecutive, unidirectional positioning movements to a defined position under constant conditions.

Closing and opening times (positioning)
Closing and opening times are only the movement times of the fingers at max. speed, as well as max. acceleration with observance of the max. permissible mass per finger and refer to the traverse path per jaw and 30 mm stroke.

Max. speed (positioning) and max. acceleration
is the arithmetic sum of the velocity and acceleration acting on each jaw.

Housing material
Aluminum alloy, anodized

Base jaw material
Steel, corrosion-protected

24 months or 5 million cycles BasicGrip / 3 million cycles StrongGrip (one cycle consists of a complete gripping process: "Open gripper" and "Close gripper")

Scope of delivery
Gripper including mounting instructions and accessory kit with centering sleeves for gripper mounting and finger mounting. Additional digital services are available at