The new standard in assembly automation

The 24 V mechatronics range from SCHUNK.

For the first time, complete assembly systems with linear axes, rotary modules, and grippers can be entirely implemented using the 24 V technology as a basis. The reduced maintenance costs, high process stability, as well as lower operating costs are revolutionary.

Plug & Work!

Easily combine, integrated and smoothly start mechatronic SCHUNK grippers, rotary and linear modules from the modular system.

Easy to Start Up!

Easy commissioning of the mechatronic modules. Easy and more intuitive than in pneumatics.

Easy to integrate!

Versatile and energy-efficient integration into the system. Consistent supply concept with standardized connecting plugs and control with digital I/O. Using conventional, standardized cables and distributors, systems can be implemented easily and very compactly.

Easy to use!

Low-wear and maintenance-free modules for smooth operation of handling and assembly systems without machine downtime. Simple setting options can be used to react quickly to process changes, right up to automatic adjustment of the modules.

Application example: Pick & place production cell

Fast and compact implementation.

At a glance!

Product advantages

  1. Electric linear module ELP
    Automatic adjustment of the optimum speed due to revolutionary auto-learn function. Virtually maintenance-free as no wearing parts (no shock absorbers or seals) are integrated.

  2. Electric gripper swivel module EGS
    No shock absorbers at the end position. Consequently low-maintenance and easy to commission. Multi-level, simple adjusting option of swivel speed and gripping force using manual rotary switch for maximum flexibility.

  3. Electric gripper for small components EGP
    No wearing parts for the same performance as a pneumatic gripper. Speed version, the perfect solution for high-speed assembly.

  4. SCHUNK pillar assembly system SAS
    Modules can be perfectly combined with one another, more than 10,000 possibilities. High flexibility due to direct attachment possibilities of adjustable unit and media feeding.

System benefits

  • Time saving due to simple and fast commissioning of the modules and compact assembly of an overall system from the modular system.
  • The highest level of machine availability and output of parts due to the use of maintenance-free components.
  • Purely electric supply, virtually no wearing parts and therefore plannable and significantly reduced operating costs.
  • Compact systems due to saving on supply lines compared to pneumatics and the use of logic and power distributors.
  • Precisely attuned modules with consistent control concept for fast and easy integration into the overall system and the superordinate control.
  • Process reliable, with minimal vibrations and noise whilst at the same time high cycle times increases the throughput and the service life of the overall system.
  • Consistent 24 V supply concept for the maximum safety requirements.

Quick selection

The electric gripper for small components with the most compact performance in assembly automation. 180% better gripping force/mass ratio.
The world' most compact, electric gripper swivel module.
No other electric linear module on the market is as easy to adjust.
Pillar assembly system
100% flexible. Components and modules can be combined as desired and precisely fitting.
Control and supply concept
Sensor distributors from SCHUNK are all-rounders, insensitive against vibrations, dust, and humidity.

Combine easily and flexibly!

The pillar assembly and accessory parts facilitate virtually any efficient combination without design effort.

1-axis application in assembly automation

Turning station for mounting and turning of components around their own axis.

  1. Electric gripper swivel module EGS
  2. Electric linear module ELP
  3. SCHUNK pillar assembly system SAS

2-axis pick & place system in assembly automation

Pick & place system for implementing gear wheels of various sizes and weights without changeover times.

  1. SCHUNK pillar assembly system SAS
  2. Electric linear module ELP
  3. Electric gripper for small components EGP

2-axis pick & place system in the field of handling and assembly

Electrically driven pick & place unit with gripper swivel module for simultaneous turning and shifting of electronic components.

  1. SCHUNK pillar assembly system SAS
  2. Electric linear module ELP
  3. Electric gripper swivel module EGS
  4. Electric universal rotary module ERS


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