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Robotic Material Removal

The SCHUNK tools for automated machining
SCHUNK – your partner with application know-how.

With SCHUNK tools, a large range of machining steps that used to be manually performed, such as deburring and grinding, can now be automated. The result: Higher productivity, consistently perfect machining results, lower unit costs.


Tell us more about the machining task you want to automate. Our application experts will discuss and develop the right solution with you.


Our product range "Robotic Material Removal" has received its own name: R-EMENDO. R stands for robotics and EMENDO means machining; Improving a workpiece by removing material – such as through deburring, grinding and polishing. Get to know more about the R-EMENDO tools.


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The removal of burrs and chamfering of sharp edges after the actual workpiece machining is one of the most frequently performed finishing operations in the metalworking industry. In addition to a wide variety of metals, plastics can also be reworked with SCHUNK deburring tools. However, this often very monotonous activity can also lead to injuries due to the sharp edges. When it comes to deburring, SCHUNK offers a wide range of tools for various deburring tasks. Find the right product for your deburring solution.

Now with electrical deburring too

The new electric deburring spindles of the RCE series are driven by a brushless electric motor with an adjustable speed of up to 50,000 RPM.

Your benefits:

  • Flexible processing of different workpieces using different tools due to variable speed control
  • Process reliability and optimization due to continuous process monitoring and feedback on spindle load and speed of rotation
  • Efficiency and long service life due to brushless electric motor


The process of grinding workpieces is often used for removing coarser material or for preparing surfaces for downstream surface finishing. With the right choice of tools and abrasives, different materials such as metal, wood, or plastic can be machined with varying material removal and different surface qualities.
In order to provide the workpiece with an even surface, SCHUNK offers comprehensive support and advice in selecting the right grinding materials and the optimal process parameters in addition to the appropriate products. So you can rest assured that you are getting the right solution for your grinding application.

Application image – AOV/SWS


Application image – AOV/SWS

Polishing surfaces is usually the last machining step, giving the workpiece the perfect finish. In addition to the tool and polishing agent, a constant contact force is particularly important in order to achieve optimal and uniform polishing results. With SCHUNK products for automated polishing, you get stunning surface results due to the adjustable and uniform contact force.
In addition, we will be happy to advise you on further process parameters for your polishing solution so that you achieve perfect results.

From manual to automated – in no time at all

Manual machining of workpieces with hand tools is often associated with putting ergonomic strain on employees. In addition, health risks are often incurred due to fine particle emissions such as abrasive dust or chips. Due to the changing over to automated machining these risks are minimized, but also creates even more surplus values.

The advantages of a changeover to robot-assisted machining:

  • Consistent quality of the machining results
  • Increased safety and ergonomic working conditions
  • Reduction of the machining time
  • Increase in machining capacity

Robots can do both: loading and machining

Do you already use a robot for loading and unloading your machine tool? Then you can also use it immediately for deburring the workpiece. With the SCHUNK tools for automated machining with robots, a large number of deburring tasks can be easily automated, thus taking place right after machining in the machine tool. Take the opportunity now and reduce the lead time and production costs for your workpieces - and at the same time with a very small investment volume.

The advantages of using existing robots more efficiently

  • Higher capacity utilization of your robot
  • Elimination of a separate working step
  • Reduction of the lead time of your components
  • Reduction of manufacturing costs for a quick return on investment