SCHUNK, the best choice for your challenge

We are the No. 1 company in the world in clamping technology and gripper systems. As a competence leader, we develop and set standards of great potential for the future, practicing innovative ideas and producing qualified equipment so that together we can reinvent progress.

Explore all the potential benefits of your tools!

We discovered hidden potentials with high performance components where no one else expected. On your machine!
More than 2,500 pneumatic and electrical components. Precision and robustness for the most different demands.
Get perfect harmony between robot and tool, with more than 450 components designed for the most different demands.
Collaborative gripper system for various robots and applications.
More than 600 pneumatic or electric components to meet the different rotation applications.
Infinite combinations are possible using pneumatic and/or electric linear guides.
More than 500 possible combinations with a fully customizable system.

Enhance your results with the maximum quality of our fastening technology!

A selection of specialists developing the ideal solution for each application of your day to day.
The best options for tool clamping in a robust and precise way.
Machining up to 5 sides of the part without the use of clamps.
Allow yourself to reduce your process setup time by up to 90%.
Maximum clamping force and constant precision to meet the main needs in cylindrical parts machining.
More than 70 years of nut experience and more than 1,500 models in our portfolio make us the most suitable partner for different applications.
Find the ideal option for your application, whether it is machining or grinding.


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