OPEN. Smart Clamping in Smart Factories

For any Machine. For any Application. For any Workpiece.

The factory of the future will be smart, intelligent, and highly interconnected. The processes are determined by the specific requirements of the production flows and not by the capabilities of the components. This is our road map for the future: Intelligent, smart components from SCHUNK create a greater freedom to advance to digital processes and open up new fields of application with maximum flexibility and efficiency. Today, we are already generating strong and efficient processes by integrating intelligence into manufacturing. All of our processes are compatible with any machine, any application, or any workpiece – giving you greater flexibility! This results in process stability, even in the case of individual, single workpiece machining.

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OPEN. For any Machine.

SCHUNK components are very flexible. They are suitable for any machine and any interface – no matter which machine manufacturer or machine type you use. Your advantage: You can easily integrate SCHUNK workpieces and tool clamping technology into your application. This unique flexibility from just one source offers you the benefits of maximum productivity and quality.

Equipped by SCHUNK

OPEN. For any Application.

SCHUNK covers the complete manufacturing process with their sophisticated modular systems and intelligent solutions for workpiece clamping: from individual single-item manufacture up to large-scale production. Your advantage: You can get everything that you need from one source. SCHUNK offers systems, which allow a fast and flexible workpiece change, and systems for efficient series production. Regardless whether your processes are manual or automated – you have flexibility according to your application. Your choice will be always a decision of flexibility and efficiency.


OPEN. For any Workpiece.

For safely machining various workpieces in automated production processes, the components have to be equipped with intelligence “closest-to-the-part.” SCHUNK components are “closest-to-the-part.“ It is our aim to expose further efficiency potential with intelligent components, and to create more precise, reliable, and flexible machining processes. Your advantage: This results in process stability, even in the case of individual, single workpiece machining. There is a noticeable reduction in production time, as well as rejects, and still with a significant increase in quality. A reduction of rejects to a minimum, noticeable reduction in production time, and a significant increase in quality.

Customized solutions

SCHUNK-Neuheiten und Innovationen

TRIBOS Schleifstifthalter
Patentierte TRIBOS Polygon-
spanntechnik für Ihre Schleifmaschine.
VERO-S NSE-A3 138-V4-P Nullpunktspannmodul
Voll ausgestattetes Automationsmodul mit Verdrehsicherung V4 und integrierten Medienübergaben.
ROTA NCA Kraftspannfutter
Abgedichtetes Kraftspannfutter für deutlich längere Wartungsintervalle.
Gewichtsoptimierte Spannbacke reduziert die Fliehkraft.


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