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As an experienced producer of toolholding and workholding, gripping technology and automation technology, we know that the requirements of the life science sector cannot be compared with any other industry. Residue-free, highly sensitive gripping, corrosion resistance and cleanroom suitability are just three of the many standard features that are required, and for good reasons. SCHUNK focuses on the MedTech, LabAutomation and Pharma industry segments. In addition to flexibility and precision, absolute process reliability is required in all three areas. The reliability required for this, including application expertise, is part of SCHUNK's portfolio of products and services.

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Industry disciplines

MedTech – Process-reliable production in medical technology

In the MedTech segment, we enhance machines and systems with the components and solutions needed for producing medical devices and consumables with highly efficient toolholding and workholding, gripping technology and automation technology. SCHUNK reliably meets the stringent requirements for lubricants, robustness and durability in the medical technology sector.

  • Robustness
    SCHUNK customers are impressed by the highest quality and lifetime of the products
  • Process reliability
    Our products are a guarantee for error-free manufacturing processes
  • Advanced sensor technology
    Sensor monitoring detects the position of the top jaws and checks the presence of the workpiece

LabAutomation – Efficient and reliable laboratory processes

Systematically recurring procedures are at the core of many laboratories. In the area of LabAutomation, SCHUNK provides the appropriate components for automation. Everyday issues in the laboratory environment include gripping and moving reagents as well as sample carriers for measuring and analysis equipment. For this purpose, we offer compact and easily combinable systems from the fields of gripping technology and automation technology.

  • Flexibility
    Extensive application expertise enables products to be adapted to different requirements
  • Sensitive gripping
    Intelligent grippers and methods for reliable gripping force maintenance ensure maximum process reliability
  • Laboratory grade lubricants
    We use H1-certified greases in the laboratory and pharmaceutical environment

Pharma – Performance booster suitable for cleanroom applications

In the production of pharmaceutical products such as tablets, powders, creams and liquids, purity and quality are always top priority. The reliable and high-performance automation units from SCHUNK are ideally suited for this purpose. They ensure transparent, error-free and structured processes, maximum efficiency, process reliability and cost-effectiveness.

  • Hygienic Design
    At SCHUNK, material and shape meet the requirements for hygienic production. The special product surfaces are resistant to aggressive cleaners such as VHP
  • Cleanroom certification
    SCHUNK products are certified according to ISO 14644 for use in cleanrooms and the company is committed to compliance with international GMP guidelines
  • Safety in contact with pharmaceutical products
    We use H1-compliant lubricants and FDA-listed materials

Application cases

Automated handling and preparation of pharmaceuticals

SCHUNK grippers reliably handle various containers such as syringes, glass vials or IV bags during different process steps. Depending on the requirements and task, the robot flexibly exchanges the appropriate tool.

Micro machining for medical technology

In order to allow precision machining of hard-to-reach areas, the TRIBOS polygonal toolholders can also be combined with a TRIBOS SVL Mini extension. This does not affect the precision of micro machining. The TRIBOS system permits precise machining at high speeds. Tool changes are done fast and process reliable.

Safe handling and holding of blood collection tubes

During automated sample taking, the electrical gripper for small components SCHUNK EGP picks up and centers the blood collection tube. The gripper reliably and safely holds the sensitive plastic tube while the screw cap is being opened.

Exact force measurement in rehabilitation

SCHUNK FT sensors are used in the foot pedals of a rehabilitation robot. Depending on the patient's strength, short-term overloads are possible, as the sensor has a robust design. The sensors have a low measurement resolution of 0.1 N combined with a measurement uncertainty of only 2%.

Do you wish support from SCHUNK in implementing your project?

We will gladly off you support in validating your application.

In the CoLab, the SCHUNK Application Center, we can test your planned application for the life science sector. We support you with feasibility studies, process analyses and demonstrations of your process. This way you can minimize your risk and save time during commissioning. Get in touch now with your SCHUNK consultant on site so we can discuss and develop your application.