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Application image – PGN-plus-P


Reliable and efficient parts handling
SCHUNK – your partner with application know-how

In the automated production, gripping systems and automation components play a decisive role in efficient handling of parts. This does not only include transportation, but also the precise placement of the right parts in the right place at the right time. Handling of parts often functions as an essential sub-process for higher-level tasks such as assembly processes, or the smooth transition between different processing steps. ​

​SCHUNK supports you with reliable standard components for gripping, moving, rotating and compensating, enabling you to handle parts smooths. Moreover, SCHUNK offers the possibility of implementing individual special solutions to implement your individual handling process.

The range of automated parts handling extends from small and light components to large and heavy workpieces. The requirements vary depending on the workpiece and industry: from the required robustness and long service life in the machine tool environment to sensitivity and cleanliness in the life science sector and the need for cycle time and precision in high-volume automation.
Regardless of the specific application, certain basic principles always apply when handling parts:

Process reliability, reliability and system availability.

Sorting and separating

Correctly sorting and separating workpieces delivered in bulk in a chaotic process is a key application in the field of parts handling. Typically, these are workpieces that weigh less than 100 grams, such as plastic injection molded parts, small metal inserts and small turned and milled parts.

Content available soon Automated sorting and separating of plastic gears

SCHUNK offers a wide variety of handling components for sorting and separating. An additional benefit is offered by the new 2D Grasping Kit, which uses a camera and specially developed AI software to recognize components and determin ideal gripping points.
In the application example, plastic gears are separated with the aid of a shaker, then detected by the 2D Grasping Kit and reliably gripped by the EGK mechatronic gripper and deposited sorted by type and location.

Pick & Place

For pick and place, workpieces are precisely gripped and placed in a targeted manner. This increases production speed and ensures the error-free handling of parts of different sizes and shapes. SCHUNK offers a comprehensive product portfolio for this purpose.

Examples from the field of e-mobility

In the application example, various production steps from the individual battery cell to the finished battery pack can be seen.
Here, the magnetic RCG gripper takes over the handling of the battery cells. The dynamic linear direct axis SLD ensures short cycle times and high positioning accuracy.

Prismatic battery cells are removed from a conveyor belt using the axis gantry and then placed in a battery module. This creates a battery module from several battery cells. Handling is performed by the pneumatic universal gripper PGL-plus-P with an additional rotary axis via the rotary module ERT.

Do you wish support from SCHUNK in implementing your project?

We will gladly off you support in validating your application.

In CoLab, the SCHUNK Application Center, we work with you to test your planned application.

We support you with feasibility studies with your workpiece, process analyses and demonstrations of your process. This allows you to minimize your risk and save time during commissioning.

Get in touch now with your SCHUNK consultant on site so we can discuss and develop your application.