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The industry leader in each of its values – The PGN-plus-P demonstrates proof of performance

PGN-plus-P figures and data

The No. 1 for more than 30 years

The SCHUNK universal gripper PGN-plus-P is the most proven and versatile gripper on the market.

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One of a kind! The patented SCHUNK multi-tooth guidance

The multi-tooth guidance of the SCHUNK grippers PGN-plus-P and PGN-plus-E has been further perfected with the permanent lubrication and sets the technological benchmark for this gripper class. The current universal grippers PGN-plus-P and PGN-plus-E are the products of over 30 years of SCHUNK experience.

Multi-tooth guidance logo

PGN-plus-P with multi-tooth guidance and permanent lubrication

We have improved the tried and tested technology even further in the universal gripper PGN-plus-P. For multi-tooth guidance, the supporting dimension between the six load-bearing shoulders was increased by up to 40%, thereby increasing the size of the guiding areas.

The benefits at a glance:

  • Up to 120% higher finger load is possible*
  • Up to 50% longer gripper fingers possible*
  • Increased performance at the same gripper size and higher performance from the system
  • Rapid and even lubricant distribution even with short strokes

* compared to a T-slot guidance

Multi-tooth guidance PGN-plus-P cross-section

Technology makes all the difference!

PGN-plus-P frontal

The technology of the new SCHUNK PGN-plus-P gripper has more to offer! With its powerful features, the PGN-plus-P is in a class of its own.

Profit from the benefits:

  • Rapid and even lubricant distribution
    even with short strokes
  • Reduced total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Permanently higher performance
  • More compact, efficient systems
  • Continuously reliable and robust

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PGN-plus-P technology in detail

The SCHUNK gripper PGN-plus-P raises the bar even further for pneumatically actuated universal grippers. The optimized multi-tooth guidance with permanent lubrication sets a benchmark on the market. At the same time, the PGN-plus-P benefits from the unique range of SCHUNK accessories for virtually the entire range of all conceivable automated applications.

  • Up to 50% longer gripper fingers

The improved multi-tooth guidance enables the use of even longer gripper fingers for the same gripper size due to higher maximum moments, without overloading the guidance. Gripping with optimized interfering contours during handling tasks in confined spaces, is thereby made even easier.


  • Longest service life due to lubrication pockets in the multi-tooth guidance

The lubricant pockets in the multi-tooth guidance ensure a continuous grease supply. The advantage is an even lubricant film that is created rapidly, even with short strokes.

  • Up to 50% higher gripping force

The enlarged surface of the drive piston in the compact installation space of the PGN-plus-P allows an increase of the gripping force. Heavier workpiece weights can be handled with the same gripper size.

Sectional diagram of PGN-plus-P

  • Up to 120% higher finger load is possible

For multi-tooth guidance with permanent lubrication, the supporting dimension between the six load-bearing shoulders was increased, thereby increasing the size of the guiding areas.

Sectional diagram of PGN-plus-P

Unlimited flexibility


The SCHUNK gripper PGN-plus-P stands for diversity. You benefit from an unlimited flexibility. Choose from a wide range of high-quality PGN-plus-P accessory components for your individual application. Combine different options without compromises. Or decide on the reliable special versions if special environmental influences have to be taken into account.


SCHUNK micro valves in cylindrical design can be directly mounted on the gripper. This saves cycle time, cabling costs, and compressed air costs.

PGN-plus-P accessories

Sensor system PGN-plus-P

Sensor system

Unique variety of sensor systems e.g. magnetic switch MMs, inductive proximity switch IN, and much more.

MMS 22-PI 2

PGN-plus-P suitable for any application!


  • Gripping force maintenance version AS/IS
    The mechanical gripping force maintenance version ensures minimum gripping force even in the event of a pressure drop. In the AS/IS variant this acts as a closing force, in the IS variant as an opening force
  • Corrosion-protected version K
    for use in corrosion-inducing atmospheres
  • High-temperature version V/HT
    for use in hot environments
  • Precision version P
    for the highest accuracy
  • ATEX version EX
    for explosive environments
  • Dustproof version SD
    absolutely dustproof, increased degree of protection against ingress of materials.
  • Application-specific protective covers
    up to protection class IP67, for use in high-temperature ranges
  • Additional versions
    Various options can be combined

Product details



The high-performance gripper with diverse monitoring options – including inductive

For all users who have flexible, strong and cost-effective on their criteria wish list, the new JGP-P 2-finger parallel gripper is a wish come true. No less than ten matching sensor systems enable a wide range of monitoring options, such as monitoring the stroke position or workpiece differentiation. Good or bad parts can be sorted quickly and reliably based on the dimensional deviations.


Profit from the benefits:

  • Focus on the essentials for maximum efficiency
  • Resistant T-slot guidance for precise handling of different workpieces
  • Comprehensive sensor accessories for a variety of monitoring possibilities, including stroke position
  • Fastened on two sides of the gripper in three screwing directions for universal and flexible gripper assembly
  • Energy supply via hose-free direct connections or fittings for universal and flexible gripper assembly

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The differences at a glance


  • Universal application possibilities
  • 10% longer gripper fingers with the same size
  • More than 2,000 possible combinations of variants and options


  • For cost-sensitive applications
  • Ten sensor systems for variable monitoring options